Giclee Prints

Artwork is now available printed on canvas - Limited edition

Giclee, Limited Edition Fine Art Prints.

The development of Giclee (zhee-klay) printing techniques has revolutionised the methods of achieving fine art prints in recent years.

Giclee prints are produced on a highly sophisticated ink-jet printer and produce museum archival quality prints on paper as well as canvas. They are in many cases almost impossible to distinguish from the original art work. Museum quality means the materials used are fade resistant, acid free and long lasting.

Thomas Lauterbach Limited Edition Fine Giclee Prints are now available for specially selected original paintings (Limited Editions of 80). Canvas prints are produced on Brilliance Chromata White 450 gms canvas, acid and lignum free with no artificial brighteners. A special coating gives a scratch and resistant protective finish and increases resistance to image fading.

All prints within each limited edition are available as follows:

  • Print on canvas (450gms), stretched and mounted on 43mm deep frame over board.
  • Print on canvas (450gms), canvas print only, with plenty of extra canvas on each side for mounting.

All prints come with a artist certificate, hand signed and numbered.

"The texture of the canvas and the texture and definition of the paint brush strokes is of great importance to me. It is what communicates my art. To be close to the process of the creation of it, is essential when choosing the most adequate method of reproduction. I use a combination of ancient egg tempera technique and traditional oil painting methods. This allows me to produce art works of strong, vivid colour with a lively surface texture."

The ink jet Giclee printing technique opens for the first time a way to create reproductions of my art work at an exceptionally high standard and to a affordable price.”

© Thomas Lauterbach 2012 copyright of all images remains with the artist